Tofu yoghurt with coconut milk

Tofu yoghurt with coconut milk

Creamy with a light taste of coconut…
A protein bomb! 🙂 Easy for preparation, perfect for breakfast. You can mix it with whatever you want – cereals, fruits, flakes & nuts… I made my topping from blueberries, raspberries, mango, cereal, chia and – that was amazing – lavender!

Ingredients for one big portion:
–  200 g of white tofu (the one without flavor)
–  150 ml of coconut milk from a can
–  2 tea spoons of lemon juice
–  agave syrup up to your taste

Let´s get started!
1. Put all ingredients into a mixer and mix it until it’s smooth. It is better to mix it a little bit longer, until it is really silky smooth!
2. Try the taste, and add agave syrup, if needed.
3. Serve with fruits, flakes etc…. Enjoy!

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