Choco cake with white chocolate ganache and raspberries

Choco cake with white chocolate ganache and raspberries

The best fudgy & juicy chocolate dough.You can use it to make cupcakes, all different kinds of cakes and cake truffles. I love it with white vegan chocolate ganache and seasonal fruits.

300g of flour (I use spelt flour)
100g of cocoa
400g of brown sugar (you can also use coconut sugar instead)
350ml of cold water
2 Ts of baking soda
1 Ts of salt
10 Tbs of vegetable oil
2 Tbs of balsamico vinegar

For the ganache:
150g of white vegan chocolate (If you don´t have the white one, you can also use dark chocolate – most of all dark chocolates are vegan. It will taste different, but it will be delicious as well 🙂
4 heaped Tbs of plant based yoghurt (If you don´t have yoghurt, use vegan cream alternatively – but then 5 to 6 Tbs instead of 4)
And in the end, raspberries or other seasonal fruits as a topping

Let´s get started!
Preheat the oven – 175°C. Take all the liquid ingredients – water, oil and vinegar – and mix them together. In a large bowl mix all the other, dry ingredients. Then, add the liquid and stir until well combined.
Put some baking paper into a cake form and pour the dough inside. Bake it for 45 minutes. Try if it is baked enough using a wooden toothpick.
Let it cool down, and then take it out of the form. Place the cake onto a plate, which you want to use for serving.

Now prepare the ganache. Cut the chocolate in smaller pieces and let it melt in a water bath. Let it cool down a little bit and then add the yoghurt or cream. Mix it well.

Carefuly pour the chocolate ganache onto the cake. Top it with fruits and let it cool down in the fridge.

Enjoy 🙂

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